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Alanna Roche

Tell us about yourself

Hi there, I’m Alanna! I’m from Wexford and have been living in Maynooth while in college. I graduated from Maynooth University in 2020 with a BSc in Science Education and I have just finished my 5th year doing the PME 2 at Maynooth University. My specialism subjects are Maths and Biology.

Tell us about your 'STInt' in industry

My time with AIB was amazing. I got an insight into how mathematics can be used in industry and technology. I learnt invaluable skills such as communication, professionalism and IT related skills. I would recommend the STInt internship to any future student teachers!

STInt Host

At AIB, we understand that the world of banking is changing, and new technology is making that happen. Our  technology is at the centre of our ambition to be the leading digital bank and we want to be recognised as having the best technology function of any bank in Europe.

Our teams work hard to drive the engine of AIB. They deliver change that is customer focused and helping us  achieve our ambition of becoming a leading consumer brand. We are evolving our technology so our customers  can engage with us in ways and at times that suit them.

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